The 2017 Salt Life Mongoose Cup

Mickey Munoz has been around the ocean for most of his life, first as a surfer, and later as a stuntman, small craft builder and now exalted board shaper. The great thing about Mickey, that many of his surfer and watermen friends know, is that he is the ultimate ocean gear and equipment freak.

Mickey in invites your business or organization to the 8th Annual Mongoose Cup Watermen Expo & Clinics. The Watermen expo and clinics is open to all waterman and entrepreneur outfits who want to join Mickey in showing off the latest in ocean going designs, technology and products.

If your business is focused on paddling equipment, gear, adventure, fitness and nutrition, coaching and training – you want to be at this expo. The Mongoose Cup is a great opportunity to sell directly to your core customers.

For more information please contact Barrett Tester Tel (714) 366-4848.
Or read more about the whole event, and register here.

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